Feminine Leadership
Thursday, March 14 – Saturday, March 16


“A good leader is one, who by their presence, increases the capacity for excellence in others,
so that this excellence continues in the presence or absence of the leader. Women do this very well.”
- John W. Maxwell

According to The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio, the following data was shared: “We surveyed 64,000 people from 13 countries and asked this question: “What is the fundamental Operating System of success in the 21st Century?”

Conclusion: 75% of those surveyed agreed that values associated with the Feminine, i.e. care, connecting, collaborating, inclusiveness, flexibility, listening, sharing, mutuality-- redefining success in every realm-- are what will determine success in the 21st century.

The future is Feminine in men and women. Enlightened Feminine Leadership prepares women (and men) to be successful in the 21st Century through the use of ‘soft power,’ relationships and holistic connections instead of separation and isolation.


March 14 5:00 pm – March 16 5:00 pm

Early bird pricing is RMB22,500. Deadline is March 11
For group pricing, please contact

Program Fee includes tuition, course materials, food and beverage and accommodation of 2 evenings at Sangha by Octave. Octave reserves the right to amend information on this program including price, date, location, faculty, daily schedule and other details.


Enlightened Feminine Leadership has been taught extensively in USA and through many parts of Brazil: Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, Matutu, Brazilia, Floranopolis. The curriculum of the program has been included in innovative educational and leadership initiatives since 2014 in the USA and Brazil. ENLIGHTENED FEMININE LEADERSHIP is one of the residential retreats under Quantum Leadership taught by esteemed business leaders and experts from the United States and Singapore. This experiential retreat accelerates leadership and organizational change by introducing new skills and social technologies that focus on wholeness, connection and integral consciousness.

Program Objective

Program Benefits

Participants will be best positioned to:

  • Embrace concentrated clarity and newfound creativity
  • Drive collaborative search for strengths within the organization
  • Imagine new possibilities for the future
  • Secure engaged, motivated and committed teams
  • Co-design the pathway to changes and innovation with all stakeholders
  • Establish psychological safety in teams
  • Cultivate “Fearlessness” in the organizational culture
  • Shift “fixed mindset” culture to a “growth mindset” culture

Program Coverage

  • Enlightened Feminine Leadership (What & Why)
  • Balancing Autonomy and Belonging
  • Listening to the Wisdom of the Body
  • Cultivating a source of unlimited Energy
  • The Sensitivity Cycle
  • Re-connecting People to their Uniqueness / Originality
  • Rethinking How and Why Human Systems Change
  • Embodying Fearlessness
  • Building Trust, expressing Truth
  • Building collective problem-solving competency
  • Stories of change through implementation of Enlightened Feminine Leadership
  • BEING, DOING, RELATING: Triangle of well-being in the Business world.


Enlightened Feminine Leadership is crafted for global decision makers that lead entire organizations, divisions or large teams with profit and loss responsibilities on a strategic and day-to-day level. Those who are dedicated to evolving themselves, their teams and their organizations against the backdrop of a complex business landscape should also consider joining.

  • CEO
  • Presidents
  • Board members
  • Family business owners
  • Sustainable entrepreneurs
  • Corporate trainers/ Consultants
  • Academic leaders
  • Consultants

Program Schedule

As this program is highly personalized to the group of particpants that join, the schedule will be released closer to the day of commencement.


Mukara Meredith
Mukara Meredith

Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer, Founder and Developer of MATRIXWORKS: Working with Groups as Living Systems, has worked in large and mid-size corporations since 1999. Her clients have included Mattel Toy, General Mills, G.E., Proctor and Gamble and Finaxis Bank. Since 2015, she has worked extensively in Brazil and China.

Mukara has 40 years of experience teaching, consulting and working in the Healing Arts. Her work has been taught at Naropa University in both Somatic Psychology and Resilient Leadership departments.

She is committed to creating new cultures of creativity, connection and innovation through enhancing the relational matrix of small groups. She teaches teams to access collective intelligence and to practice the skills of collaboration, chaos and diversity within unity. Her book, Matrixworks: A Life Affirming Guide to Facilitation Mastery and Group Genius has been translated into Portuguese and Spanish.

Mukara’s life-work has been devoted to bringing human friendly values into businesses and organizations to ensure meaningful work, marketplace success and organizational integrity. She feels nothing is more important in the 21st century than our personal and collective Evolution. Deeply committed to living awake in the world, Mukara’s teachings invite the healing of our Shadows and encourages the ‘connecting of the disconnected’ within and between us.

Presently she is focusing on a specialty class she has created called: ”Enlightened Feminine Leadership: Using Soft Power to change the World.” This work is taught in USA and Brazil and will be offered in China in 2019. Mukara believes that the changing role of women in leadership in the 21st century is one of the most vital, positive shifts happening globally and she wants to serve this purpose.


Sangha by Octave is a mere 1.5 hours away from Shanghai. As an immersive ex-urban retreat location in Suzhou, Sangha is surrounded by water where ancient Wu culture first started. Suzhou is a symbol in China for the artistic, cultural, sophisticated and mindful lifestyle.

Sangha spreads over 189,000 square meters of lakefront peninsula on Suzhou’s Yangcheng Lake.  It is a place for mindful learning designed to enhance your connection with yourself, with others and with nature. Sangha is the distillation of decades of reflection by Octave’s Founder & CEO Chavalit Fred Tsao and is viewed by him as “an expression of a world-view where evolution is supported, and where consciousness can shift to embrace wholeness and connectedness.”

Sangha is an integrated complex of wellness residences and learning facilities consciously created by master architect Calvin Tsao to be the embodiment of a vision of how such a community might work. One of the spaces within Sangha - The Sanctuary - has won numerous architectural awards for its stunning design, elaborate interiors and exteriors, including UK Blueprint Awards, 2017 APIDA, the A&D Trophy Awards.

Built with natural materials, Octave’s aesthetics and design choices for Sangha re-think the whole idea of space utilization, reconsidering the balance between personal space and communal space, to create a greater sense of closeness, of community.

For inquiries, please contact:
Margie Chiang
Director, Business Development OCTAVE
Phone: +86 130 0323 1162